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The Treasure Room: A Reflection of the Primitivist Tendencies at the Trocadéro

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This article has first been written for the catalogue of the third edition of the Bourgogne Tribal Show, 2017

Treasure: noun from Latin thesaurusand greek thêsauros.
A cache of precious objects stored, often hidden, forgotten, then fortuitously invented: discover a treasure.
Goods, products, or objects considered as riches held or produced: the ocean treasures.
A name given to some major works or some major collections: treasures of the French language.
Archeology. In large Greek sanctuaries, a small edifice dedicated by a city or a tyrant and which housed offerings, votive plaques: the treasure of Athenians in Delphi.
History and decorative arts. Place where the archives or the precious objects of aseigniory, of a community, were kept and where those of a church are still kept; these precious objects themselves. Read More