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Casoar is above all a story of passion and friendship.
A story of passion, first of all, for the cultures of these islands and archipelagos scattered on the surface of the Pacific Ocean and which, together, form a continent: Oceania. Then there is the friendship that was born on the benches of the École du Louvre between students specialising in the art and anthropology of Oceania.

After being incubated for some time by its founding members, an egg hatched: Casoar the blog was born! Every week since October 2017, we invite you on a journey to the heart of the Pacific's riches. We wanted our Casoar to be curious, with one eye on history and the other on current affairs, one paw in the library and the other in the field. Our Casoar wants to be an anthropologist, a historian and an art lover, an archaeologist and a reporter! He works to deconstruct certain images and to make others visible. He moves, shakes up and alerts, shares his passion and invites to discovery.

In 2018, some of its members gave birth to a new funny bird: Casoar l'association. Active in the field, it responds to various partnerships with the world of museums and the art market. Conferences, writing articles and catalogues, nothing scares him! Whether it's the blog or the association, our Casoars aim to help you discover or rediscover the riches of a territory that continually amazes us!