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Extra-European arts in the heart of Forez, the Museum of Civilizations in Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert

If during your holidays or wanderings in the Loire countryside you pass by the town of Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert in the Forez region, don't hesitate to take a break at the Daniel Pouget Museum of Civilisations. This municipal museum, which opened to the public in 1965 and is now a Musée de France, is located in the former priory of this town, at the foot of the Romanesque church. Created by the association of the Friends of Old Saint-Rambert, it aims to discover local civilizations (those of Forez), but also extra-European civilizations. How could a museum located far from the coasts and ports, gather more than 10,000 objects of extra-European art, coming from all the continents? As for many museums of extra-European art inland, thanks to passionate local figures, collectors, travellers...

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