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Women from the Pacific: Emily Kame Kngwarreye

The Casoar team respectfully advises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people that this article includes images, works and names of deceased Indigenous people and may include images of artistic, cultural or intellectual property that may be of sensitive nature.

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Emily Kame Kngwarreye est sans doute l’une des artistes aborigènes les plus connues au monde. Son tableau Earth’s Creation a d’ailleurs détenu un temps le record de l’œuvre réalisée par un.e artiste aborigène la plus chère au monde. Mais saviez-vous que sa carrière de peintre fut aussi courte que fulgurante ? Et que son œuvre artistique ne commence pas avec la peinture mais avec le textile ? Aujourd’hui, Casoar vous emmène à la découverte de l’histoire de l’une des plus grandes artistes de la fin du XXème siècle.
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Ten Canoes <emTen Canoes: a film between historical reenactment, myths and fiction

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[Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this article may contain images or names of deceased persons in photographs or printed material.]

Ten Canoes (10 canoes, 150 spears and three wives) is a film about Arnhem Land and its people, made with and by them. It is a film for Indigenous people and it is also an ambassador film for Aboriginal culture and therefore also made for an audience outside this culture. It is a story of forbidden love, brotherly bonds, kidnapping, witchcraft and revenge, treated with poetry and humour. In short, this is a rich work that CASOAR really recommends! Read More